Zagreb technical museum

Zagreb technical museum is founded as the model of the world’s great museums. Museum was founded in 1954 and since then is on the same location, Savska cesta 18. Technical Museum is located in the space originally planned as Zagreb Fair pavilion.
Museum is within 20 minutes walking distance from the main square or 10 minutes by tram (tram No 12  from the main square).

Technical museum

Front view

Museum departments are:
Fire fighting, mining, geology, oil, astronautics – planetarium, traffic, Nikola Tesla cabinet etc.
The most interesting is department of astronautics, mine and Nikola Tesla cabinet.
The Technical Museum keeps models of famous spacecrafts, carrier rockets, and orbit station. The most attractive spot is planetarium where one can look at the sky through specially designed projector. Images are from  North Pole to Equator, at any time of the night and in any season.


One of many locomotive exhibits

Nikola Tesla demostration cabinet is active from 1976. Cabinet is opened  for 120 years famous scientist’s birthday. It is possible to see tests from his original designs and patents, with the movie in the background. Visitors can see rotating magnetic field, Tesla’s high-frequency transformers, wireless transmission of electromagnetic vibrations, ship with a remote control, model of Tesla’s turbines and etc.
Prices and infomation:

Opening hours Tuesday-Friday 9-17

Saturday-Sunday 9-13

Closed on Modays

What’s up?

Tram ride every Sunday at 9:30 from the station in front of the museum

Mine Visit



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