Zagreb city museum

Zagreb city museum is an interesting museum to the visitors. Museum shows city’s history from its founding till today. Museum brings us closer look how city emerged, how Kaptol and Gradec reunited, also shows us customs of Zagreb citizens from early age.


Ancient city floor

The Museum was established by Brothers of the Croatian Dragon in 1907. In museum 90 years of presence museum open its sixth exhibition. In 1997 museum started operating in restored and appropriate premises.

The museum shows Zagreb history  from prehistory ages, traces of which were recently uncovered under building remains, until today.

The permanent exhibition portrays the city in all its aspects, from politics,  church, the historical and economic to architecture and urban aspect.Optimized-20160306_112003

Zagreb Coat of arms

The diversity of topics and subjects, from rare to common, useful, from the artistic to the popular give to the museum special charm. Certain  themes introduces visitors to the attractions of the rich life of Zagreb and its changing urban landscape.

Certain archaeological excavations brought to light new details about the life of the two setllements, Kaptol and Gradec. Permanent exhibition starts from an interpretation of archaeological findings presented at the point of detection.
The exhibition tries to underline the particularity of the development of the medieval twin city, the separation of life and administration of Kaptol and Gradec.


Museum exponats

In forty five themes museum shows city images, characteristic topics and events .
Each period is illustrated by the typical cases which in clear way represent Zagreb such as:
– legend of the origin of the name Zagreb,
– life in medieval Gradec and various city signs
–  reconstructed f portal of the old Zagreb Cathedral,
–  St. Mark’s church on the upper town  and the Baroque atmosphere of its former interior and links with the guild life of tradesman’s Gradec.


View on St.Mark’s church and square


Naturally museum is situated in city centre, in lovely palace on the Upper town and  you can reach the museum through several paths. By Zagreb cable car in Tomićeva, charming ride takes only 3 minutes, costs 5 HRK but you can see all the roof tops in city centre. Through Kamenita vrata / Stone Gate, one of the best preserved monuments of old Zagreb , gate were part of the defense system of Gradec and are the only door that still exist today. Climbing with Zakmardijeve stairs from Radićeva street and passing by Lotršćak tower, another old Zagreb monument that is worth visiting.

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