Dida Marijan. Cute little restaurant in Tresnjevka neigbourhood.

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Dida Marijan is cute little restaurant in Zagreb Tresnjevka neigbourhood. Dida in Croatian stands for grandfather, restaurant’s name suggests domestic, fresh food.

Dida Marijan is located in Zagreb Trešnjevka neigborhood. Menu is a mixture of Italian, Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in shabby chic style, each chair is different, and the walls are full of owner’s ancestors’s pictures.

Restaurant prices are reasonable and portions are large, there’s also a daily menu. Daily menu consists of  ingredients bought on the market that day. My favourite meal is Chef’s salad and risotto with zucchini and prawns.  Restaurant offers pizza, pasta,meat, fish, seasonal desserts etc.

Check the menu on:

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